Press: Rev Racing’s Ali Kern Looks to Continue her Trend of Winning

March 24, 2016 (from — Not a typical woman, Ali Kern is a racer and according to her, that’s just fine.  She knows her passion is slightly different from most, as a professional race car driver.

“I’m just living my life through a different set of goals than what some of my other friends may be,” says Kern.

“They have certain goals and I have mine, I just get to drive faster than most”


A native of Fremont, Ohio, Kern will turn 23 in May and has already been racing for 15 years.  Her career began at the age of seven, racing quads and with her success, she went on to go karting, where Kern continued, eventually earning over 350 wins combined over the two series. That seems a trend with her as every time she races, she is contending for wins, with championships to follow.

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